I'm a software developer living in Poland. I've got 5+ years of commercial experience in software development, with a total of 15+ years as a hobbyist.

Here's what I can do for you

Set up an online shop

WooCommerce, Shoper, Shopify? We can look at the possible options and choose whatever's right for you.

I can do it end-to-end - set up the shop, add products into it and then integrate it with external (e.g. payment) systems.

Create a website or a web app

From simple personal websites to complex web applications - I can do it or create a team that will.

Do you need an extension to your existing website/web app? It's not a problem either.

Automate things

Are there any repetitive or mundane tasks that you feel you are wasting time on? There's a high chance I can automate them by a PC/mobile app, a website or even by a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Create software that will help you

Tell me what you'd like to achieve and I'll see how I can help you.

Let's talk! It's worth not to assume that something cannot be done.

...and here are the qualities of my solutions


I carefully choose my tools. My software has to work as expected.

I only use battle-proven but modern technologies and tools.


I aim to create solutions which are as simple as possible - simplicity means easier maintenance.


I always aim to find solutions which will cost you less in the long run - including maintenance and running costs.

Contact me

I'm available for freelance work.