I wanted to create a web app which would aggregate all IT conferences happening in Poland. I wanted to use webscraping for gathering all the conference data and even wrote one scraper for, but I quickly dropped the idea due to my concers regarding the law around copyrights.

I successfully deployed the app to the public cloud and that was basically it. I closed it down as soon as I tested that the whole E2E flow (from the webscraper to the UI) was working fine. It was enough for me to call it a success.

  • hosted on AWS infrastructure
  • EC2 running docker images of the two backend apps
  • S3 hosting a web app for displaying the data
  • RDS running Postgres DB for the backend apps
  • SQS for communication between the backend apps (there was no synchronous communication between them)
  • frontend written in React + Typescript, used Semantic UI as the UI framework
  • backend written in Java 8 using Spring Boot
  • backend architecture: I could say these were microservices, but I'd rather describe it as modularized micromonoliths
  • used Auth0 as the identity provider; integrated it with Spring Security